Seiko MOMMA as a master of Flow-Method  

  Born in 1961 in Miyagi Japan.
Master and instractor of Flow-Method

seiko momma


Seiko MOMMA is a master and advocate for Flow-Method.
After learning of Aroma Theraphy, Lymph Theraphy, Flower Essence, Medical
Herbs, Homeopathy, Aura-Soma (Colour Theraphy) and Chinese Medicine, she
reached to be a height of the master of Flow Theraphy.

An intractable disease of her niece was the springboard of her to start
learning the various alternative theraphies and natural theraphies.
Driven by the experience of rasing three of her daughters balking at going
to school, she moved to Germany with her children to learn
After finish learning of it, she moved to UK with her children to learn

As a master and advocate of Flow-Method, Seiko MOMMA has been acting
mainly to instruct practical method of Flow-Method in Japan.
Since December 2011, Seiko MOMMA moved her operating base to Monaco, and
has been instructing and giving treatment of Flow-Method.

  Treatment of Flow-Method

Lots of people who consider herself/himself fat may be just too swollen.
Flow Theraphy treatment flows the water out of your body.
It works so obvious and quick with no pain at all.

Slimming is a easy work for Flow-Method.
Why not experience this incredible treatment?

body making

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Major Cases of Treatment and Adjustment (examples)

Tenontothecitis and shoulders of pianists, right before their competition (in Germany)
Ankles of Olympian of Ice Skating (in Germany)
Calcaneal tendon of long-distance runner (in UK)
Ears of a person with hearing loss (in UK)
Shoulders of a photographer (in UK)
Person with difficulty to raise hands, due to aftereffect of broken
clavicle (in Japan)
Detox of lacquer poisoned arm (in Japan)
Legs of a person who is unable to stand up due to inflammation (in Japan)
Sprained lower back (in Japan)

Major cases are for musician, athlete, and somebody on stages in Europe.


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