Seiko MOMMA as a master of Flow-Method  

Flow Out, Flow Away

What is Flow-Method?


Flow-Method is to allow the waste in your body to flow out, as the name says.
Flow-Method is to fix your autonomic nerve system, make the blood and lymph fluid flow and to maximize your life energy.

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The most significant characteristic of Flow-Method is that it makes the
bad and unneccessary things in your body flow out with your urine.

Flow-Method is a more powerful than ordinary lymph massages which only activate the flow of the lymph fluid.
However, Flow-Method is very gently, painless, doesn't have side effects, requires no equipment, and is very simple.

Flow-Method works for both chronic illnesses or injury (even those from a long time ago) and acute or chronic conditions.
Flow-Method improves immunity and the self-cure response, and which helps to get rid of colds faster.

Flow-Method also works for losing weight.

Flow-Method Association has been acting in order to familiarize people with this wonderful method and have them use it.

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About Seiko MOMMA
Born in 1961 in Miyagi Japan.
Master and instractor of Flow-Method

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